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Bernina Express — 2nd Class

It connects Chur in the canton of Graubünden with Tirano in the Italian Veltlin, via the Bernina Pass. It offers the most beautiful connection from the cool north to the temperate south. And the most remarkable fact here: along its route, the red train climbs to 2'253 metres (7'400 feet) above sea level, where glaciers lie.

Classic Rail Bernina Express

Take a seat in one of the modern panorama coaches, and lean back. The train provides the rest. It will show you the romantic forests in the Albula valley. Traversing bridges and viaducts it will take you high above gorges and wild streams. It wants to show you the snow, up on the Bernina, and the glacier. And then it will start on its descent with you, towards the south. It will show you romantic Puschlav. It will take you to Italy, to Tirano. In summer, a coach that awaits you in Tirano will take you to Lugano (also included).

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On your return, you will say it is no wonder that "The Rhaetian Railway in the Landscape of Albula/Bernina" was incorporated into the UNESCO list of world heritage sites.


  • Only 2nd Class passes are valid on this page. Click here if you are looking for the 1st Class option.
  • Travel from Chur, St Moritz or Davos to Tirano and on to Lugano (or the reverse)
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